My clients include:  

American Museum of Natural History, Amplify, Barclays, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, New York Times, Nickelodeon, PayPal, PBS, and TD Ameritrade

I create experiences that inspire curiosity.

Over the course of my career, I’ve produced media across multiple platforms from initial concept to final delivery. My expertise is in content development, creative direction, user experience design, and project management. I've written treatments and scripts, directed international and domestic film productions, supervised animators and designers, and managed budgets, schedules and stakeholder reviews.

My work has taken me to some of the most amazing places on seven continents, including the McMurdo and South Pole stations in Antarctica, 18,000 feet high mountains in Peru, a container ship in the North Atlantic, and rainforests in Madagascar. As a director, I bring creativity and insight to complex projects in remote locations, but I’m just as happy solving design and narrative challenges from the office.

As a producer, I work with cross-functional teams to streamline workflow and create compelling content. My experience allows me to communicate effectively with stakeholders, define user flows and behaviors, mediate risk, and deliver a product on time and within budget.